Latvian Qualifications Database Included in the Publication on National Qualification Databases and Registers in Europe

Information about Latvian Qualifications Database is included in the publication “Qualifications Registers in Selected European Union Countries” (Warsaw, Poland. 2020) on national qualifications databases and registers in such countries as Austria, Croatia, France, Poland, Scotland and Slovakia.

The publication was created and published by Education Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland.


Latvian Qualifications Available in European Education Portals

The information on Latvian qualifications is available in European Skills/Competences, qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) portal, in latest open data format developed by the European Commission.

Latvian Qualifications in ESCO portal: https://ec.europa.eu/esco/portal/qualification#nutsFilters=LV&sorting=alphabetical&page=1


Qualification Statistics Now Available in the LQD

It is now possible to view the statistics in different dimensions on all qualifications obtainable in the Latvian education. One can find out, how many and which LQF/EQF level qualifications are implemented in respective awarding bodies; in which Thematic areas (ISCED) are most qualifications in Latvia etc.

Each chart can be saved as an image and also printed.

Video: How to use statistics on qualifications?


Option to Compare Qualifications Developed in the LQD

It is now possible to compare any two qualifications. It is possible to compare LQF/EQF levels, learning outcomes (knowledge, skills, competences), awarding bodies etc., between selected qualifications.

Video: How to compare qualifications?


Descriptions of Professional Qualifications Updated with Sectoral Qualifications Framework

The National Centre for Education with the support of the European Social Fund have developed the Sectoral Qualifications Framework, which is a general description of sectoral occupations, as well as review of specialisations and related occupations that are included in the sectoral occupations. The Sectoral Qualifications Framework ascribes qualification levels to occupations and specialisations.

In the LQD, new fields are developed in order to add the Sectoral Qualifications Framework to the corresponding professional qualifications, and this information is gradually added in the respective description of qualifications.


Deadline Extended for Study Directions Accreditation of Higher Education Qualifications

According to the “Amendments in the Law of Higher Education Institutions”, in effect from 01.01.2019., accreditation schedule had been changed for the study directions that should be accredited in 2019.

In the LQD, the accreditation period is being extended in the description of qualifications for higher education qualifications, whose accreditation period ends in 2019.


Learning Outcomes Updated in Descriptions of Professional Qualifications

The National Centre for Education with the support of the European Social Fund have created new and updated occupational standards and professional qualification requirements that are included in the Classification of Occupations.

Gradually, the new and updated learning outcomes – knowledge, skills and competences are added in the professional qualifications’ description in accordance to the new occupational standards and professional qualification requirements.