Qualifications Framework level

EQF level

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) has 8 levels (1 – the lowest, 8 – the highest).

Levels reflect the complexity level of acquired knowledge, skills and competences (learning outcomes).

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LQF level

Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF) has 8 levels (1 – the lowest, 8 – the highest).

Levels reflect the complexity level of acquired knowledge, skills and competences (learning outcomes).

LQF covers stages of education starting from the basic education (level 1 – special basic education) to the highest education (level 8 – doctoral studies).

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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are knowledge, skills and competences acquired during a certain period of learning.

In Latvia, learning outcomes are stipulated by state education standards and occupational standards (for the professional qualifications).

Learning outcomes of higher education are defined by higher education institutions.

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In effect till 01.09.2024. concurrently with the new Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 747 which come into effect on 01.09.2020.

– Has a diverse learning/teaching experience.
– Is able to learn independently by finding solutions for practical problems.
– Is able to plan and organise learning process independently.
– Is able to use different types of information, consult and find help in the learning/teaching process.
– Is able to see the interconnections between science achievements, technologies and individual.
– Is able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practical work.
– Has an understanding of the structure and development of society.
– Has an independent, logical, uncontradicted, motivated, critical and productive thinking.
– Is able to express their thoughts creatively in text and speech.
– Is able to speak publicly, formulate and justify their opinion.
– Is able to listen to and respect different opinions.
– Has an understanding of culture of language and communication, and their importance in forming an intercultural dialogue.
– Is able to make a decision and assume responsibility for its implementation.
– Has an understanding of human rights for equality.
– Is able to cooperate with others and work in a team.
– Is able to act responsibly in conflict and extreme situations.
– Is able to take care of their own and other people’s safety, look for help if needed.
– Is able to use modern information and communication technologies responsibly for obtaining, processing and analysing information that can be used in different life situations and acquiring study subjects.
– Is able to interpret past and present events in society and in the world independently, creatively and reasonably.
– Feels the need to take responsible care to preserve and improve the quality of the environment, their own and health of others.
– Understands and is aware of the environmental impact of technologies.
– Feels personal responsibility for the culture of their language and the preservation of their national identity.
– Is able to participate in a democratic society in a civic way by contributing to the sustainable development of society.
– Is able to handle everyday situations according to moral values.

Qualification acquisition requirements

Previous education
Age 7 years, statement of State/local government pedagogical medical commission
Ways to acquire 
Qualifications can be acquired in the framework of education programs or in the evaluation and recognition of non-formal knowledge, skills and competences acquired (in vocational education LKI Levels 2-4).
Formal (through education programmes)
ECTS credit points 
The unit of the volume of Latvian higher education studies - 1 credit point corresponds to one week of study work in full-time studies (40 credit points per study year).

1 The credit point of Latvia corresponds to 1,5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credit point.
Duration of study 
Duration of qualification in full-time studies
9-12 years

Qualification document

Awarding body

General education institution:

- Ventspils Secondary School No 6

- Zuri Basic School

- Uzava Basic School

- Targale Basic School

- Ance Basic School

- Remte Basic School

- Ventspils Basic School No 2

- Salacgriva Secondary School

- Vilani Secondary School

- Meirani Basic School named after Kalpaks

- Liezere Basic School

- Lazdona Basic School

- Kalsnava Basic School

- Dzelzava Basic School

- Degumnieki Basic School

- Barkava Basic School

- Ergli Secondary School

- Cesvaine Secondary School

- Rezekne State Polish Gymnasium

- Education Institution of Social Correction "Naukšēni"

- Jekabpils Secondary School No 2

- Viesite Secondary School

- Abeli Basic School

- Krustpils Basic School

- Ikskile Secondary School

- Ogresgals Basic School

- Kegums Secondary School of Commercial Direction

- Engure Secondary School

- Cere Basic School

- Kandava County Basic School of Zante

- Akniste Secondary School

- Kandava Regional Secondary School

- Preili Basic School No 1

- Jaunsilava Basic School

- Peleci Basic School

- Sala Basic School

- Straupe Basic School

- Zaube Basic School

- Ramuli Basic School

- More Basic School

- Rauna Secondary School

- Nitaure Secondary School

- Jaunpiebalga Secondary School

- Vecpiebalga Secondary School

- Mezare Basic School

- Rubeni Basic School

- Sunas Basic School

- Vipe Basic School

- Berzpils Secondary School

- Tilza Secondary School

- Salnava Basic School

- Pusmucova Basic School

- Rusona Basic School

- Livani Secondary School No 1

- Preili Secondary School No 2

- Blidene Basic School

- Nigrande Parish Secondary School of Kalni

- Stacija Basic School

- Viduci Basic School

- Ziguri Basic School

- Roberznieki Basic School

- Kalupe Basic School

- Bikernieki Basic School

- Naujiene Basic School

- Spogi Secondary School

- Cibla Secondary School

- Zilupe Secondary School

- Renceni Basic School

- Ezernieki Secondary School

- Kraslava Rainbow Secondary School

- Lauciene Basic School

- Pastende Basic School

- Stende Basic School

- Puni Basic School

- Kolka Basic School

- Valdemarpils Secondary School

- Talsu Secondary School No 2

- Roja Secondary School

- Mersrags Secondary School

- Ozolnieki Secondary School

- Garoza Basic School

- Biksti Basic School

- Riga Secondary School No 71

- Ranka Basic School

- Tirza Basic School

- Gulbene Secondary School No 2

- Nereta Secondary School named after Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš

- Mazzalve Basic School

- Daudzese Basic School

- Dāvis Ozoliņš Ape Secondary School

- Maliena Basic School

- Pededze Basic School

- Ziemeri Basic School

- Liepaja Secondary School No 15 named after Oskars Kalpaks

- Liepaja Basic School No 3

- Penkule Basic School

- Mezinieki Basic School

- Auce Secondary School

- Valmiera Secondary School No 2

- Pavilosta Secondary School

- Vainode Secondary School

- Kaunata Secondary School

- Vabole Secondary School

- Skaistkalne Secondary School

- Rugaji County Basic School of Eglaine

- Saldus County Municipality Basic School of Zirni

- Jaunmuiza Basic School

- Ledmane Basic School

- Saulkrasti Secondary School

- Allazi Basic School

- Krimulda Secondary School

- Marupe Basic School

- Ergeme Basic School

- Code Basic School

- Prauliena Basic School

- Vecsaule Basic School

- Vestiena Basic School

- Ledurga Basic School named after Garlībs Merķelis

- Ainazi Basic School named after Krišjānis Valdemārs

- Lielvarde Secondary School named after Edgars Kauliņš

- Ciecere Basic School

- Skriveri Secondary School named after Andrejs Upītis

- Varini Basic School

- Skibe Basic School

- Vaivari Basic School

- Feimani Basic School

- Tiskadi Secondary School

- Daugavpils Basic School No. 11

- Dricani Secondary School

- Nautreni Secondary School

- Gaigalava Basic School

- Deksari Basic School

- Sakstagals Basic School named after Jānis Klīdzējs

- Skrunda Secondary School

- Cesis Evening (Shift) Secondary School No. 2

- Naukseni County Secondary School

- Audrini Basic School

- Aluksne County Secondary School

- Malpils County Secondary School

- Taurupe Basic School

- Lazdina Private Basic School "Punktiņš"

- Bebrene General and Vocational Secondary School

- Malta Secondary School

- Vane Basic School

- Saldus Secondary School

- Aizkraukle County Secondary School

- Mazsalaca Secondary School

- Amata County Basic School of Skujene

- Saldus County Municipality Basic School of Ezere

- Valka Gymnasium named after Jānis Cimze

- Sabile Basic School

- Ilukste Secondary School named after Rainis

- Birzi Basic School

- Vecpiebalga County Basic School

- Private Basic School "Green School"

- Grobina County Secondary School Named After Zenta Mauriņa

- Ropazi County Secondary School

- Liepna Basic School Named After Aleksejs Grāvītis

- Ventspils Secondary School No 3

- Suntazi Secondary School

- Rozupe Basic School

- Kraslava State Gymnasium

- Vircava Secondary School

- Staki Basic School

Special needs education institution:

- Limbazi County Special Basic School

- Rudzati Special Basic Boarding School

- Amata County Spare Basic Boarding School

- Rauda Basic Boarding School

- Aleksandrova's Basic School

- Riga Special Basic Boarding School

- Riga Special Basic School No 3

- Medumu Special Basic School

- Riga Special Basic Boarding School No 4

- Riga Strazdumuiza Secondary School - Development Centre

- Berzupe Special Basic School

- Smiltene County Special Basic School

- Gaujiena Basic Boarding School

- Valdemar's Basic School

- Koknese Basic School - Development Centre

- Mezupe Basic School

- Padure Basic School

- Antuzi Basic School

- Zalite Special Basic School

- Pamusa Basic Boarding School

- Gaisma Basic Boarding School

- Annahite Basic School

- Jurmala City Basic Boarding School

- Riga Basic School No 2

- Rezekne Municipality Special Basic Boarding School

- Viduskurzeme Basic School - Development Centre

- Jelgava Basic School Named After Pauls Bendrups

- Upesgriva Boarding School

- Riga Basic School No 1 - Development Centre

- Riga Basic School No 5 - Development Centre

- Cesis Berzaine Basic School - Development Centre

- Ziemelvidzeme Basic School

- Rezekne Basic School-Development Centre

- Jelgava Basic School "Valdeka" - Development Centre

- Valmiera Secondary School of Gauja Coast - Development Centre

- Tukuma County Basic Boarding School

- Daugavpils Stropi Basic School - Development Centre

- Kalnsetas Basic School

- Livupe Basic School - Development Centre

- Riga Ēbelmuiža Basic Shool

- Raiskums Basic School Named After Aleksandrs Bieziņš

- Dzelzava Special Basic School

- Sveki Basic School

Liquidated/Reorganised/Changed title and\or type:

- Ozolmuiza Basic School

- Cesvaine Basic Boarding School

- Varaklani County Municipality Basic School of Stirniene

- Metriena Basic School

- Rezekne Basic Boarding School of Speech Therapy

- Dunava Basic School

- Zemite Basic School

- Dzirzciems Basic Boarding School

- Tukums Basic Boarding School

- Drusti Basic School

- Skujene Basic School

- Marsneni Basic School

- Rite Basic School

- Saldus County Municipality Basic School of Nigrande

- Briezuciems Basic School

- Tilza Basic Boarding School

- Baltinava Christian Basic Boarding School

- Kraslava Basic School

- Skeltova Basic School

- Graveri Basic School named after Metropolitan of Riga and All Latvia Aleksandrs (Kudrjašovs)

- Asune Basic School

- Subate Basic School

- Ezersala Special Basic School

- Virbu Basic School

- Sabile Secondary School

- Gulbene Secondary School

- Gulbene County State Gymnasium

- Aizkraukle Secondary School No 1

- Liepna Secondary School

- Markalne Basic School

- Ilzene Basic School

- Vidaga Siksni Basic School

- Liepna Basic Boarding School

- Liepaja Special Basic Boarding School

- Gaulgauska Basic School

- Druviena Basic School

- Saldus County Municipality Secondary School of Ezere

- Saldus County Municipality Basic School of Ruba

- Ozoli Basic School

- Sprogi Basic School

- Gramzda Basic School

- Kapsede Basic School

- Rude Basic School

- Barta Basic School

- Vecumnieki County Council Secondary School of Valle

- Piejura Basic Boarding School

- Evele Basic School

- Suntazi Basic School - Rehabilitation Centre

- Mezotne Basic School

- Upeslejas Basic Boarding School - Rehabilitation Centre

- Birznieki Basic School

- Raiskums Basic Boarding School - Rehabilitation Centre

- Ropazi Secondary School

- Malpils Basic Boarding School

- Daugavpils Special Basic School No. 1

- Mazirbe Basic Boarding School

- K. Valdemara Basic School

- Saldus Secondary School No 2

- Sausneja Basic School named after Jānis Zālītis

- Vainode Basic Boarding School

- Dobele Christian Basic School

- Inesi Basic School

- Dauguli Basic Boarding School

- Vaidava Basic Boarding School

- Valka Basic School

- Jelgava Basic Boarding School No 1

- Riga Secondary Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children

- Vecbebri Vocational and General Education Secondary Boarding School

- Dzerbene General and Music Basic School

- Augstskalne Secondary School

- Valmiera Secondary Boarding School of Hearing Impaired Children - Development Centre

- Upeslejas Basic School

- Strenci County Secondary School

Type of awarding bodies:

- Misas pamatskola

- Strenču pamatskola

- Pāvilostas pamatskola

- Gulbenes novada vidusskola


Qualifications Framework level

EQF level

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) has 8 levels (1 – the lowest, 8 – the highest).

Levels reflect the complexity level of acquired knowledge, skills and competences (learning outcomes).

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LQF level

Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF) has 8 levels (1 – the lowest, 8 – the highest).

Levels reflect the complexity level of acquired knowledge, skills and competences (learning outcomes).

LQF covers stages of education starting from the basic education (level 1 – special basic education) to the highest education (level 8 – doctoral studies).

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Qualification field, stage and type

Thematic field (ISCED 2013)
International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) developed by UNESCO.

Basic Programmes (001)

Detailed field: (ISCED 2013)

Basic programmes and qualifications (0011)

Stages of Latvian education system included in the LQF:
- basic education
- secondary education
- higher education

Basic education

Qualification type
ITypes of Latvian education:
-General education
-Professional education
-Academic education

General (special)

Full or partial

Full qualification

Other information

National Education Information System

National Database of Education Opportunities

Active qualification

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